5 Great iPhone Apps for Vegetarians On-the-Go

By Kathleen Baker

Finding healthy, veggie friendly fare in your own fridge is a no-brainer, but what about when you’re away from home? Or at the grocery store? How can you know what’s the best food to buy to stay away from meats, unhealthy additives and pesticides? Here are a few iPhone apps that are helpful for eating healthy no matter where you are.

1. VegOut: If you’ve ever struggled to find a vegetarian, vegan or vegetarian friendly restaurant when going out with friends, then this app will be a welcome addition to the tools on your phone. You can use it to search for restaurants in your area or have it find those that are closest to you using GPS. Even better, it allows you to easily pull up menus from each place so you’ll know just what they offer before going.

2. Locavore: If you’re trying to eat local, in season foods this application can be a big help. After all, the energy used to grow and transport foods that are from far away or grown out of season is just as bad for the environment as many meat processing plants. This application will tell you, based on your location, what foods to look for in local markets to help you eat close to home.

3. Vegetarian SmartList: There are many foods that may appear to be vegetarian but in reality are not. This application makes it easy to tell the difference without having to know what every word on the label means. You’ll be able to look up thousands of foods, personal care products and drugs to check on their veggie status.

4. Vegan Xpress: For those who aren’t just vegetarian but vegan as well, you know how hard it can be to find a place to go out that offers food that both you and your non-vegan friends will enjoy. With this app, you’ll get a listing of restaurants in the area that offer a vegan option, tells you what on the menu is vegan and even lists a ton of vegan alcoholic beverages and snacks as well.

5. Veggie Passport: If you’re a vegetarian jet-setter, or just on a family trip abroad, this app can come in handy when you’re dining out. It’ll help you translate your dietary restrictions into 33 different languages so you’ll avoid getting something you can’t or don’t want to eat.

From finding great vegetarian friendly food while out with friends or shopping for the best locally grown and healthy foods, these apps will make your food choices easier everywhere you go.


This post was contributed by Kathleen Baker, who writes about an online health care administration degree. She welcomes your feedback at KathleenBaker3212 at gmail.com

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