Autumn & Winter Bird Feeding Tips


If you enjoy the company of birds in your garden all year long then it is very important to start thinking in the autumn about what wild bird food you will be setting out to keep them around during winter. Birds will be deciding where they can find food sources when the cold winter hits during the autumn, so you want to show the birds that your garden is a welcoming place with plenty to eat. If you don’t give them the right bird food in autumn, then you could end up with a deserted garden come winter.

As you know, during winter bird food supplies almost completely disappear. Many will fly to the south because of this since in the south food supplies are still plentiful. For the birds that stick around, you have to become their main food source. It is important to recognize that during colder months birds will need to consume more calories to help their bodies to function and to help provide them with needed energy to stay warm. A bird will start looking in autumn for good food supply sources that appear to be sticking around into the winter. You have to show them that your garden is a good winter food source by providing plenty of wild bird food.

Feeding the birds right in autumn means they come back during the winter, so make sure you have the right food available for them. You should offer plenty of seeds because this is highly preferred by birds. You can also offer them some hanging baskets with suet, which will really draw the attention of woodpeckers that you might be interested in keeping around during the winter. You also, may want to try offering them fruit. Be sure to chop it up so it is easy for them to eat. Fruit can be a great lure to get the birds really interested in the wild bird food you are offering in your garden.

Other treats you might want to offer include favorite things that birds either do not often find or that they are used to having during the warmer months. Things like peanuts and mealworms are perfect additions to your feeders. Not only do you need to offer plenty of wild bird food, but you also need to make the feeder inviting. You should always provide fresh water and be sure to replace it if it freezes. You also need to clean off feeders and make sure openings are clear so the birds can get to the food that you have set out.

Watching an array of colorful birds feeding and playing in your garden during the winter months is a beautiful site. It is not one that you will see, though, if the birds do not know that you are offering up wild bird food. You have to make them aware by starting in autumn, offering them plenty to eat and then maintaining the food source throughout the winter. If you do that then you should be able to enjoy birds in your garden all year round.

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