Tickets: $25 adults / $20 students, seniors, children under 12
Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts
One University Plaza
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tickets may be purchased at:
(718) 488-1624

In "'Dinner' and Other Dances," Cynthia King, along with CKDS faculty and friends, continues a tradition of speaking up for animals through the arts. The show will include original works choreographed by Cynthia King, Cat Manturuk, Amanda Burton, Anne Zuerner, Ivan de Leon, Odylle Beder, and James Koroni; featuring jazz, ballet, b-boy and contemporary pieces with subjects ranging from lighthearted joyful themes to topics of isolation and avoidance. Cynthia King presents new and repertory works that examine the ways animals inspire us with their beauty and the ways they fall victim to society. Without being graphic, King delivers thought-provoking, innovative choreography that evokes compassion and engages the senses. The show includes "Sanctuary Suite," based on the children's book, Our Farm: By the Animals of Farm Sanctuary, which incorporates the author reading excerpts from the book live, onstage.






Cynthia King


Ms. Cynthia King is director of the Cynthia King Dance Studio in Brooklyn, New York. Ms. King has been a dancer, choreographer and dedicated animal welfare advocate for over 30 years. Cynthia King received her dance training at the Boston Conservatory, CMDE, Ailey School & studied extensively with Emiko and Yasuko Tokunaga. Ms. King has trained with legendary dancers, including Carmen DeLavallade, Diane McIntyre, Mary Anthony, and Rod Rodgers of whose dance company she was a member.

As a vegan, she has spent many years trying to find ballet slippers that were cruelty free, without success. She decided that instead of waiting for the perfect product to come along, she needed to design it herself! Ms. King's passion for dance and compassion for animals have fused to form her new labor of love.

Visit the Cynthia King Dance Studio Website for more information


To order cruelty-free ballet slippers, call (718) 437-0101

- new super soft canvas
- improved pleated toe
- non-slip sole
- stretch drawstring
- attached elastic

   $5.00 shipping & handling within the US.

Children's Full Sole - Pink sizes 9,10,11,12,13
Children's Split Sole - Pink sizes 1,2,3,4
Adult Split Sole -Pink sizes 5,6,7,7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 10

(Between sizes? Order smaller size.)


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