Serving the D.C. Area Since 1987

Gails Vegetarian Catering

Celebratory, gourmet cuisine

Fresh, seasonal, organic ingredients

Full service catering - Events of any size

Rustic and informal to elegant and sophisticated

Top of the line vegan baked goods
Customized wedding cakes


They cater social and corporate events: weddings, parties, dinners, brunches, teas, family occasions, receptions, kids’ events, all-day seminars and workshops.

Gorgeous platters for parties or business meetings

All of their food is prepared without animal products.

Gail’s Vegetarian Catering fervently believes in using organic, seasonal and local ingredients whenever possible. GVC emphasizes the importance of giving as much attention to texture and color on the plate as well as to flavor and nutritional value in the food. All of these elements immeasurably enhance every dining experience.


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Gail Marie Naftalin

Gail Naftalin and Carrie Megginson comprise the heart and soul of Gail’s Vegetarian Catering. They provide Washington DC and the metropolitan area with premiere vegetarian cuisine and have done so for more than 16 years. They have extensive experience in cooking, catering and teaching. Along the way they developed myriad vegetarian dishes and menus and continue to explore an endless variety of flavors and cuisines.

Gail has a Master’s degree in nutrition from Columbia University and began her career as a nutritionist. She discovered that cooking great vegetarian food changed folks’ eating habits more effectively than talking about nutrition. Her belief in optimum health and maximum enjoyment led her to establish the now bustling catering company that bears her name. Gail’s romance with vegetarianism began in the early 1970’s. Among others, Gail cherishes the rich traditions of Asian and Sub-continental Asian Cuisines. When away from the kitchen, Gail likes long walks in the woods, cycling, reading, traveling, and making music.

Carrie Megginson

Carrie, muse, logistical expert and general factotum of Gail’s Vegetarian Catering, trained on both sides of the Atlantic. She has cooked professionally in many settings, the first being her bread baking business begun at the age of seven. Since 1988 she has worked as a caterer, cooking teacher and personal chef.

Carrie brings a voracious appetite for reading, skill for assimilating information, and a love of classic, continental cuisine to recipe and menu development. Carrie’s natural talent for logistics and training in theater add a unique dimension to her catering skills. They make every Gail’s Vegetarian event smooth and seamless. In her leisure time Carrie enjoys long walks with her canine companion, classic movies, dining out and far-ranging idle conversation.

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Gail's Vegetarian Catering is now offering a series of cooking classes as well as individual classes!
Classes start March 22nd. Please follow the below link to the GVC Newsletter for more information.

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