Aesthetically and Gastronomically Pleasing!

Going Wild in the Kitchen: The Fresh & Sassy Tastes of Vegetarian Cooking
By Leslie Cerier
Square One Publishers, 240 pp.

In the age of pre-packaged, heat and serve, mealtimes often lack nourishment; that is, food that satisfies both body and spirit. But fortunately there’s a remedy: A unique cookbook by Leslie Cerier, Going Wild in the Kitchen. This cookbook not only offers150+ healthy, palate-pleasing vegetarian recipes, but also inspires and guides readers toward greater creativity in the kitchen.

There is much to like about Going Wild in the Kitchen, not least of which are the many glossaries, charts, and tables that provide all the information one will need in order to prepare the delicious and exciting vegetarian recipes contained in the book – and perhaps a few of your own culinary creations! One particularly handy table details cooking instructions for over eighteen different varieties of grains, including a few “ancient grains,” several of which I’ve never heard of before. And then, of course, there are the recipes! Quinoa with Cauliflower and Feta, and Italian Lentil Stew with Creamy Grano are just two favorites. What’s grano, you ask? No worries, it’s all in the book!

Going Wild in the Kitchen is beautifully illustrated, however one will not find it includes any glossy photographs, yet surprisingly they are not missed! The author, who is an expert cooking instructor as well as a gourmet organic caterer, awakens the imagination by sharing her knowledge, experience, and passion in this superbly substantive vegetarian cookbook. Indeed, Going Wild in the Kitchen is bound to present more than a few welcome surprises for even the experienced chef.


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