“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

metal cloth and wood designer

Up until my 12th birthday, my answer was always the same: “An Entomologist.”

When I turned 12, however, I learned how to sew and make jewelry and my love for shiny, colorful insects morphed seemingly overnight into a complete and total obsession with clothing and accessories. That was when my answer changed from “Entomologist” to “Designer.”

As someone who has had a fascination with nature from a very young age, I’ve always been interested in both vegetarianism and ecological conservation. It’s tremendously important to me not only where the materials that go into my designs come from, but also where they’ll end up. So I try to use materials that are not only vegan, but that will endure. I believe in making things that are meant to last a lifetime, so Metal, Cloth & Wood jewelry is never made with any base metals -- only sterling silver. And the hair accessories contain only the finest tarnish-proof materials. I also try to incorporate vintage and repurposed materials as often as I can into my designs and I also make sure that all of my packaging is made from Green Seal Certified 100% recycled fiber paper.

Metal, Cloth & Wood specializes in intricately hand-beaded jewelry and hair accessories. Currently, Metal, Cloth & Wood is only available at, but there are plans to expand into wholesale and consignment later on in the year. Metal, Cloth & Wood is also taking special orders via Etsy’s “Alchemy” special request system.


10% of all Metal, Cloth & Wood sales is being donated to the Popcorn Park Zoo, a NJ-based refuge for domestic, farm & exotic animals. Metal, Cloth & Wood is also a proud member of the Vegan Etsy team!

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