If you're seeking good, sound advice about vegetarianism and/or vegetarian nutrition, you'll want to consult Judy Kingsbury's website, The Savvy Vegetarian The site's focus on health ( both human and environmental) will be of particular interest to anyone who would like to improve her eating habits and overall well-being. The Savvy Vegetarian also dispenses free veggie advice via email. So, if you're new to vegetarianism, pay this site a visit and take advantage of The Savvy Vegetarian's wisdom and experience!

The following is an excerpt from Judy's bio, which can be found at

Vancouver: Becoming Vegetarian|

I first encountered vegetarians and organic food in the late sixties, when I moved to Vancouver. Back then, the Fraser Valley south of Vancouver was full of market gardens, with vegetable stands. Now, I think it's just malls! There were Chinese green grocers, and Lifestream was the first natural food store. It was heaven! For many reasons, becoming vegetarian felt right. It was hard to do and harder to explain to people like my Mom, but I would never have admitted it, even under torture!

savvy vegetarian

I pretended I knew exactly what I was doing, but soon found out that excessive enthusiasm, along with an arrogant disdain for facts, is a dangerous combination. Without knowing a single thing about vegetarian nutrition, I started my new vegetarian lifestyle by jumping into extreme macrobiotics. I grew very thin (think gulag survivor!), dehydrated and weak. Feeling faint was a familiar sensation. I just thought I was too yin and needed more brown rice.

Some latent instinct for self-preservation told me that I might be malnourished, and I gave up Macrobiotics. Feeling somewhat disillusioned, I started eating a wider variety of vegetarian food, heavy on cheese, beans, and whole grains. I developed terrible gas, constipation and headaches. I was still very thin and a nervous wreck. Classic malnutrition!

'Nutrition' entered my vocabulary when I went to work as a housekeeper/companion for a warmhearted, practical, domineering, Dutch woman, (a true role model!) who recognized my nutritionial deficiencies, and took me in hand. She watered me constantly, fed me vitamins, forced me to eat eggs, fish, and meat, and made sure I got plenty of outdoor exercise. Really, she saved me, which I didn't fully appreciate until much later. Thank you, Molly, wherever you are!

Starting Over
I returned to my own life, with my disastrous vegetarian beginning a bad memory. I started over, and gradually, cautiously became vegetarian. I've gotten lost many times, and made countless mistakes. If I'd known thirty five years ago what I know now, I'd have saved myself a lot of time and energy, not to mention malnutrition!

I found Diet for a Small Planet, Laurel's Kitchen, and Moosewood Cookbook in the seventies - that helped. And I became a maniac organic gardener, obsessed with compost. I read constantly, and the web has become a great research tool.

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