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VWOM: Karin, Happy New Year! Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to tell Vegetarian Women Online Magazine readers more about Veggie Vision! Any specific goals for VeggieVision in the New Year?

KARIN: We are working on exciting new technology and adding more content. We have so many new interviews and short veggie programmes to share!

VWOM: Many of our readers are based in the United States. Is there any company or person from America or outside the U.K.that you'd like to feature on VeggieVision that you haven't already?

KARIN: We love our veggie friends from America! It's great to see what vegan friendly products you guys have... and as well as celebs we love to hear from real people and have real fellow veggies and vegans film for us. We like to show the world that we are 'normal' fun- loving people that happen not to eat animals!

We have people filming for us in Europe, as well as the USA and Australia. We hope that our USA friends will find what we are up to over here of interest.

VWOM: You've said in interviews that motivational speaker Tony Robbins has been an inspiration to you, particularly with regard to overcoming obstacles you faced in the initial stages of launching Veggie Vision. Are there any other individuals whom you consider role models?

KARIN: Maybe not role models as such, but there are people to learn from and get inspiration from: Other business owners, speakers, people who are passionate about making the world a better place. I heard a speaker from America recently (I can't remember his name!!) And he said there is only one way to save the Rainforest - BUY IT! It made sense and really made an impact in my life. I love go-getting people and find them inspiring.

VWOM: In one Veggie Vision interview with Jodie Marsh you were obviously very pregnant! Would you share with us a little bit about your family.

KARIN: Callum is now 2 1/2 and a right cheeky monkey! From around the age of 2 - probably younger, he said, "Mummy we don't eat that it's got animals in it." In his kids books there are pictures of animals and foods - you know typical kids books. I would pretend to eat, say, the ice cream and so would he. If I said shall I eat that? (and pointed to a little animal) he would say NO! Don't eat animals!! He knew from an early age and I just hope he stays with it!

My rock is my husband Glyn. He is also vegan and we have been together for 18 years!!! I have 3 lovely sisters: A vegan rock musician Debbie Driver ; And veggie Carol is an editor of a newspaper; and Sharon is setting up her own business.

VWOM: What are your thoughts on featuring more controversial subject matters and personalities on VeggieVision -- for example, animal liberation activists?

KARIN: The station is fun and positive so non- veggies do not turn off. We do want to show programmes that the viewer wants to see and are very open. We may work on a channel in the future that's more 'hardcore' as such. We want to cater for the veggies and also inspire non -veggies too.

VWOM: Are there any TV programmes -- other than VeggieVision! -- that you enjoy watching, or that you feel are particularly well done?

KARIN: As I run a PR business, working on VeggieVision and have Callum I don't have time to watch TV. I would rather grab 20 mins and read a good personal development book. I do 'Veg out' from time to time and watch some "no thinking TV" - maybe 10 minutes of Big Brother. Do you get Spooks over there? I like 24, Desperate Housewives, Sex and the City too.

VWOM: One of my favourite features on VeggieVision are the cooking demonstrations. Do you yourself enjoy cooking?

KARIN: I never seem to get the time. I should film a programme of how not to cook! I do love smoothies— fast, tasty and healthy. I am finalising my dairy free smoothie book too. We do have some exciting new vegan chefs so do watch this space!

VWOM: If you were a non-human animal, what type of animal would you be?

KARIN: Hmmmmmmmmm.... something go-getting and unstoppable -- something veggie too??? Hmm, I don't know. I do like wolves as they are mystical and beautiful so I will say that, although not veggie!

VWOM: What's currently happening on VeggieVision?

KARIN: At the mo' we are finalising the new technology, liaising with a new vegan chef, connecting with lots of raw vegan experts and sorting out filming with some well known veggies!

VWOM: Thank you so very much, Karin! See you on VeggieVision!

KARIN: Thank you so much for this opportunity to speak with you and fellow vegetarian women. We would be happy to hear from anyone who fancies being involved— filming their local veggie cafe, a short piece to camera about why they are veggie and their vegan fridge, or simply tune in and tell us more about what you want to see.

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